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Wikipedia Commons Orientation Workshop with Framebondi

Wikipedia organized an orientation programme with Framebondi, a group consisting of amateur photographers, photography enthusiasts along with the other esteemed photographers and writers of the city. The aim of this event was to make people aware of “What is Wikipedia and its relations with Wikimedia Commons”. Its objective was not only to make people aware of Wikipedia but also how could people contribute to enrich this free encyclopedia with knowledge of various sphere.

The venue was fixed in the Academy of Fine Arts situated at 2, Cathedral Rd, Maidan, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020 from 6pm to 8pm. The event was hosted by Indrajit Das mainly and was supported by Sukanta Pal.

Topics covered in Orientation.

  1. Introduction to Wikipedia
  2. Wikimedia Commons.
  3. Introduction to Creative Commons License.
  4. User ID Creation.
  5. How to Upload in Commons.
  6. Hands on Upload Session.
  7. Categorization of Images.
  8. Descriptions of Images.

The event was attended by many eminent personalities apart from the members of Framebondi and Wikipedia.

After the guests came and gathered round the conference table, Mr. Indrajit Das began his introduction gradually leaning to the introduction of Wikipedia and working of it in relation to Commons. The entire event was documented by members of Wikipedia and members of Framebondi also took active participation in photographing as well as interacting with the Wikipedians and putting forward various questions which was generously answered by the host.

Peoples from different professional backgrounds came up to concentrate around a single element “Upload and Edit in Wikipedia”

While speaking on licensing Mr. Indrajit Das gave valuable examples of theft and how to check the exif metadata of images. Normally, we use CC/SA4.0 license. CC stands for Creative Commons. SA stands for Share Alike. It is the foundation that provides licensing. CC 4.0 stands for own work thus the people who uses this image has to give credit to the owner of the image. This concept was ingrained in the entire event, to be precise.

Due to unavoidable circumstances regarding a projector, the event was a bit delayed but that did not hamper the mood of the people present over there. The tremendous hard work of Indrajit Das and Sukanta Pal, pre as well as post event must be mentioned here as it was that teamwork spirit that provided support in the case of technical glitch.

However, the event was a grand success as Wikipedia got quite a number of contributors after the event and it is hoped that such event will continue to occur to provide support for Wikipedia projects.

The link for the event page in Wikipedia:




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